Our Services

Affinity Rescue looks after thousands of people around South Africa.

Experience, Expertise, Excellence

emergency medical care and assistance

You cannot mess around when it comes to emergency medical care. We provide experience because we take this seriously, we provide expertise because in an emergency medical situation you need it, and we provide excellence because you deserve it.

That is why Affinity Rescue is a leading provider of medical rescue services to South Africa, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our Services

  • Immediate dispatch of an emergency response unit.
  • 2x per annum out of hospital benefit of up to R14 500 per event. 
    • This covers the costs of emergency room treatment to stabilise and treat you following an accident or sudden illness that could prove fatal if not attended to.
  • The issuing of a Guarantee of Payment of up to R75 000 in order to facilitate admission and costs for in hospital treatment following an accident or the sudden onset of illness.
  • 24-hour health advisory and trauma counselling service.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains.

Our Family benefit covers you for:

  • Playground accidents, including dental emergencies.
  • Sport injuries.
  • Car accidents.
  • Rapid illness that requires emergency treatment.
  • Other trauma events requiring emergency services.

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