General Safety Rules You Should Teach Your Children

  Keeping your children safe at all times means constant adult supervision but sometimes as a parent you cannot always be around to protect them. As they get older they go off to crèche, school and meet all types of people and because they are in the outside world they will be exposed to all kinds of scenarios and emergencies. The below safety tips will help ensure that your children are out of harm’s way both inside and outside the house. Tip One – Contact details Even if your child is small it is important to teach them basic contact … Continue reading

What to do in a house fire

  Fires are fast, hot and deadly and within 30 seconds a small flame can turn into an uncontrollable blaze. This is why it is important to know what to do to ensure that you and your family escape the blaze. No matter what, all thoughts of valuables should be discarded. This is because many people have attempted to collect, cellphones, Identity documentation instead of heading for the exit, and this has had dire consequences. *Be calm When you are calm, you can think clearly, so staying calm is very important in a fire. Also, if you are with children, … Continue reading

Wildfires: Wreaking havoc in their wake

Wildfires, also known as forest fires or bush fires, burn wildland areas and forests, as well as consuming homes and buildings. Although wildfires can sometimes occur naturally through being ignited by heat from the sun or a lightning strike, the majority of wildfires are the result of human carelessness. Something as small as a cigarette bud can cause a wildfire, or unattended campfires, burning of debris and believe it or not, intentional arson. In a matter of seconds a wildfire can spread, consuming thousands of acres in its path and threatening the homes and lives of many in the vicinity. … Continue reading

Is “that &%^$ Taxi driver!” really the one at fault?

This article could be very short – the answer: Yes! When understanding the scope, size and organization of the South African Taxi industry, you will realise that without it our country would simply not be able to function. They say that necessity is the mother of all invention, and this is certainly the case with the taxi industry. Millions of South Africans, in fact over 20 000 000, are reliant for Taxi transport on a daily basis. Most of these people are employed in entry level jobs. Jobs like check out / till operators, bank tellers and retail store staff, … Continue reading

If I am in an accident – what do I need to do?

An accident can be a very traumatic experience. The confusion, the delay in your life, the traffic around you, the police, the person who you were involved in the accident with and, of course, the tow truck drivers – all this creates a very stressful situation. When you have to deal with the after effects of the accident and all the things you are supposed to do and not do, it is very important to have an understanding of the procedures so you can stay calm and rational. Most times, in order to really learn something you need to go … Continue reading

The legality behind withholding your vehicle license

There are many vulnerable and uninformed people in South Africa who through fear and intimidation get manipulated by people in a position of power – this is true of every industry in all walks of life. I have heard on several occasions people complaining about the license department withholding a person’s vehicle license disc even after they have paid for it. They use this opportunity to extort cash illegally out of the person who believes that they do not have any recourse against this person or they just couldn’t be bothered to go through the process of reporting them. According … Continue reading

Helicopter rescue needed for Affinity Rescue member after accident near Brits

Affinity Rescue dispatched a helicopter when one of our members was injured in a terrible accident.

A young motorcyclist was seriously injured on the road between Johannesburg and Brits recently. The motorcyclist lost control if his bike at around 02:30 in the morning and suffered severe injuries that required urgent medical intervention. A helicopter was dispatched via the Affinity Rescue call centre as soon as the call came in and the patient arrived at Millpark Hospital at around 4am – being transferred to ICU immediately. His injuries were so severe that his one leg had to be amputated, but the patient survived and is recovering at home after this traumatic event. “I believe that if he … Continue reading

What happens to your body in a car accident?

Car accidents in South Africa are so common that we seldom give them a second thought; it was recently reported that a gentleman drove past an accident that actually involved one of his family members who died at the scene – but as he drove by, it was just another accident. Millions of rands have been spent on campaigns by government and private companies trying to get across to motorists that many accidents can be prevented through simple behavioral changes when behind the wheel. Perhaps actually knowing what to expect and what happens to your body when you have an … Continue reading

Pokémon Go – Fun fad or dangerous madness?

Whether you have played it or not, the chances are that you have heard of Pokémon Go – the latest global fad to distract us from reality… What is Pokémon Go? Pokémon Go is mobile augmented reality game that uses your mobile phones’ GPS to locate, challenge or train virtual Pokémon. While staring at your mobile screen, you will see an alternate reality in which these Pokémon live. The novelty of the game spread quickly and within two weeks 100 million downloads had been recorded with people all over the world chasing these virtual creatures through all types of terrain, … Continue reading

The root cause of road rage

If you have been driving for length of time on South African roads, the chances are that, if you have not been involved yourself, you will definitely have seen some type of road rage incident. Sometimes it gets physical and the perpetrators get involved in a fist fight, or it results in an accident or, even worse, someone may get killed – like that case a few years ago when a motorist shot and killed a motorcyclist in rush hour traffic in Johannesburg. We often hear in the press and on radio shows about these horrors, but we seldom ask … Continue reading