Safety tips for hikers and back packers

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Hiking comes with great physical demands such as walking long hours and carrying heavy supplies. To ensure a safe and memorable experience follow the below safety tips before and during a hike.

Plan your trip:

Research is vital, it is important to know every detail about your trail. Carry maps and seek advice from experienced hikers.

Inform someone of your whereabouts:

Whether it’s a relative or a close friend, it is important to let someone know of your scheduled trip. Let them know when you are leaving, which hiking trail you plan to take and when you are scheduled to come back. Also check in with them now and again during your hike. Should you get lost at least someone will know to alert the authorities should you not return or they are no longer able to get hold of you.

Check the weather:

Always check the weather forecast before heading out. Count on temperatures being cooler, and expect it to be more windy if you are going to hike in the mountains. Know what to do if lightning is in the area.

Start slowly:

Start walking slowly and gradually increase your pace. Make sure that the slowest person is the one who sets the pace especially if there are children who are part of these activities. Also ensure that you do not walk too far along that you struggle to get back to where you started off.

Stay on the Trek:

The most common mistake that hikers make is to go off course thinking that they will easily be able to find their way back. Don’t do it, remain on marked trails so that you reduce your chances of getting lost.

If you get lost:

Getting lost happens, if you do find yourself in that unfortunate situation stay calm and don’t panic. Trust your compass or map and do not walk aimlessly.  If you are on a trail, don’t leave it.  Stay put if it is nightfall.  Carry a whistle or mirror for emergency use to signal others of your whereabouts.


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