About Us

Medical and Emergency Rescue Services

private essential medical and emergency rescue services

Affinity Rescue provides private and emergency rescue services to all South Africans.

Accidents and injuries can happen to anyone at any time and our primary goal is to provide affordable, simple emergency rescue services to accident or trauma victims when they need it.

Affinity Rescue has a national network of highly skilled medical personnel, medical transport services and hospitals, both private and public.

Supporting our front line paramedics to provide emergency medical care, is a number of specialised operational units that include a countrywide network of ambulances, medical evacuation helicopters, rapid response and access to casualty rooms.

A single call to 0861 11 77 74 from anywhere in the country connects you to Affinity Rescue’s State of the art contact centre where all calls are answered within seconds by highly trained operators. We also ensure that you have access to EMS services closest to you.

Once you join Affinity Rescue, you are our priority – if you need us in the event of a medical emergency, we will be there to dispatch emergency response personnel to you.

You can join the Affinity Rescue family for a monthly premium of R149 for a single member or R228 for a family.