Ambulance Services

Need a Private Ambulance Service?

At Affinity Rescue we are committed to providing high quality ambulances service throughout South Africa at a price you can afford.

Ambulance ServicesAt Affinity Rescue, we service the needs of an ever-growing South African population in all major cities, towns and rural areas, with all of our ambulance depots staffed by qualified paramedics and patient transport officers. We are able to respond almost immediately to medical emergencies in Lesotho and Swaziland as well.

Our ambulance services are there to help people with serious or life-threatening conditions. They also provide a range of other urgent and planned healthcare and transport services, when required.

The type of ambulance service we provide will depend on the nature of the medical emergency, and we will often use a range of other vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, to respond to an emergency in the quickest possible time.

Patients will always be taken to hospital when there is a medical need for this. When faced with a medical emergency always make sure you have our number 086 111 7774 at hand!