The importance of learning CPR and First Aid

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The importance of training in CPR and First Aid can never be reiterated enough. With most cases of cardiac arrests, near drownings and injuries occurring in the home, knowing these techniques could save a life as you wait for professional assistance to arrive.

Not only does being certified in CPR and First Aid benefit you as an individual but it also benefits your family, community, friends and co-workers. An accident or a serious medical situation can happen at any time and anywhere. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not be just another helpless witness?

There is no specified age as to when a person can get CPR and First Aid certification, as long as they understand the classes and pass the written and practical test. This means that even children as young as ten can become certified.

Below are a few first aid courses that you can take up. You can also go to to find a course closest to you.

  1. St John First Aid and Home Care

St John offers a variety of courses that cater for all from advanced first aiders, to school children and even people with limited reading and writing skills.

Contact: 011 403 4227,

  1. ER24 Training academy

ER24 training academy offers first aid courses that include:

First Aid level 1, 2 and 3,

Sports First Aid,

A basic CPR course.

Contact: 0861 084 124,

  1. National First Aid Academy

The National First Aid Academy offers first aid courses that include all levels as well as Save a Child, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and site-specific training.

Contact: 086 163 2200,

  1. Pulse Point

Pulse Point uses various way to present an overall first aid learning experience such as videos, presentations as well as practical and theory sessions. They offer courses that include basic first aid courses as well as short courses for CPR and choking.

Contact: 011 477 9999,

  1. The South African First Aid League

The South African First Aid League provide courses either at their offices or at a venue of your choice.Training includes First Aid level 1, 2, 3 and CPR courses.

Contact: 012 644 0918,

  1. Aid at Hand

Aid at Hand offers a Family and Friends First Aid For Children Course. The course focuses on how to deal with children in different age groups. They provide training on how to prevent injuries, general first aid, bites, stings and poison emergencies.

Contact: 083 655 3803,

  1. First Aid Counts

First Aid Counts run a Family and Friends CPR and Choking class every Saturday at the Broadacres Lifestyle Centre. They also offer First Aid level 1, 2 and 3 courses.

Contact: 073 734 0375,


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